Heerpicture offers a great internship program for passionate individuals, providing career growth and learning opportunities in one of the Ipoh top video and animation production house.

Valuable Opportunities for Fresh Graduates

Heerpicture offers valuable opportunities for fresh graduates in video & animation production or related fields. Our internship program provides on-the-job training, practical knowledge, and experience beyond university studies. Learn essential skills like After-Effects animation, creating explainer videos, and more.
If you’re passionate about the video & animation industry and want to work with one of the top production house in Ipoh, consider joining our internship program.

Embracing Interns for Growth

At Heerpicture, we value interns’ potential for growth and innovation. Their fresh ideas and energy enhance our competitive edge in the industry. Interns bring new perspectives, creativity, and productivity to our team, often developing strong loyalty as they transition into regular employees.

Advantages of Being Intern at Heerpicture

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