Heerpicture has an amazing internship program that provides multiple opportunities for career growth and learning to any employee who is truly passionate about working for one of the best video production company in Malaysia.

Valuable Opportunities for Fresh Graduates

If you are a university student who is about to graduate with a degree in video production or related studies, you will find our internship program very rewarding. Heerpicture offers valuable opportunities for fresh graduates and gives them a significant advantage in establishing a successful career by providing on-the-job training and the chance to gain practical knowledge and experience outside the university curriculum.

In the course of our internship program, you will learn indispensible tricks of the trade such as how to do after effects text animation, how to create an explainer video, how to add animation to video, and so on.

If you have a sincere passion and interest in the video industry and would like to work for the best video production company in Malaysia, then you should definitely consider signing up for an internship with Heerpicture.

How Heerpicture Views Interns

Other companies view interns as inexperienced but we see them as having great potential for growth and learning. We believe in the power of fresh talent and brand new ideas and we know that by recruiting interns to our company, we are considerably increasing our competitive edge in the industry.

Heerpicture welcomes the youthful energy that interns bring to the team. A new perspective and new thought processes can stir up things in a very positive way and make for greater creativity and productivity. We have also learned through experience that interns who have transitioned into regular employees tend to have a fierce loyalty to the company.

Advantages of Becoming an Intern at Heerpicture

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